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Russian Sharlotka For Christmas

Sharlotka is a Russian traditional dessert, made for Christmas. It is sponge based cake combined with apples. What’s best about it is that it’s perfect for any day, not just the holidays!   Ingredients: 6 large eggs – room temperature, separated into yolks and whites 100g granulated sugar 100g brown sugar 170g flour 1 teaspoon…

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Juicy Chicken Breasts

Ingredients: 4 Chicken breasts 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon paprika ½ teaspoon black pepper salt to taste Instructions: Rinse the chicken breasts and soak them in water for at least half an hour to an hour. Drain and wipe the chicken before you start. Once you prepare your baking pan, put parchment paper in…

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Dark and White Crepes

Ingredients: 5 large Eggs 300ml Milk 300ml Water 280g Flower For Dark Crepes seperate half of the prepared batter and add: 2 tablespoons Cocoa powder 50ml Water 5 tablespoons Icing Sugar 50g butter for greasing Instructions: In a large bowl break in your eggs and beat them until smooth. Add the milk and beat until…

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Easy Cocoa Cupcakes

Sometimes… less is more when it comes to cupcakes! We love them moist, sweet and with a strong cocoa flavor! Ingredients: 150g white all-purpose flour 5 medium eggs 130g white granulated sugar 40g dark brown sugar 200g plain yogurt 1 tsp baking powder A pinch of salt Instructions: Mix in the dry ingredients first. Next,…

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Grinch Cake

Christmas is the loveliest, happiest holiday of the year! If you are wondering how to surprise your kids with a new homemade Christmas treat – you have reached the right recipe! This is a very easy recipe to make that will wow everyone you serve it to! And it’s soooo fluffy and delicious! Ingredients: For…

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