Choosing Your Baby’s Toys

It’s good to consider everything. Even your baby’s toys and most importantly, what they are made of. With the risk of getting a little bit obsessive, it’s good to be well aware of the objects surrounding your baby, especially when he or she is a newborn. This will reduce the risk of allergies and dermatitis, in rare cases asthma as well. Being a mother-to-be is sometimes frustrating as nowadays the market can be very deceptive and confusing. As long as you are well informed and do your own research, make your own conclusions and go by your instincts – you will do perfectly fine!

  • Buy toys that are labelled as newborn toys – pay attention to the labels of the toys you pick, there should be no removable parts on the toys for newborns and babies in general.
  • Choose wooden over plastic – baby play gyms are a wonderful game from day 1 for babies. Wood is much more preferable material over plastic.
  • Choose organic cotton plush over polyester – organic cotton is perfect for everything your baby is surrounded with – clothes, sheets, even toys.
  • Babies love musical toys – anything producing musical sound around your baby will keep them entertained.
  • Wrist or ankle rattles – placed on your baby’s wrist or ankle, any movement will produce a sound and this in most cases is very amusing for babies.
  • Mirrors – aim for unbreakable mirrors for your baby. Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror!
  • Soft books with colourful patterns – the high contrast patterns are more appropriate for newborns as this will make it easier for them to see and distinguish any silhouettes.

The Bottom Line

Paying extra attention to details, even when it comes to toys, will perhaps save you the headache and trouble later. Anything surrounding your precious baby should be carefully picked by you and your significant one in order ensure the correct environment for your child, especially when they are tiny little newborns.

Please, keep in mind, that this article is completely based on my personal opinion, experience and research and must not be considered as a general rule.


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