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Most women have absolutely no idea how to prepare for their newborn, so did I! Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I started searching for was a baby crib and a change table and basically that would be all. The more you dig into the stuff for babies on the internet, the more complicated it gets for you to understand what is it that you really need to buy from all the bigillion baby clothes, furniture, toys and so on and so forth. In this article I’d like to share my tips and tricks of what I’ve learnt in the past few months on how to prepare for my newborn.

Things to consider:

  • The season you will be giving birth, a.k.a. the date of your term according to your doctor.
  • Health and comfort are your priorities, beauty and aesthetics comes second!
  • Learn to read the labels… on everything!
  • Be aware that the cheapest product will not always save you up some money and the most expensive is not necessarily holding the best quality.

Baby’s Clothing

When it comes to choosing the clothing of your baby, make sure you choose fabrics and materials such as cotton, bamboo and wool. Every clothing you dress your baby with must be made from natural materials in order to reduce any possibility of allergies or skin irritation.

Newborn baby clothes WinterNewborn baby clothes Summer/SpringQuantity
Long-sleeve bodysuits with front openingShort-sleeve bodysuits with front opening10
Sleeveless bodysuits with front openingSleeveless bodysuits with front opening6
Long-sleeve jumpsuit with front openingShort-sleeve jumpsuit with front opening5
Long-sleeve jumpsuit pyjama with front openingLong-sleeve jumpsuit pyjama with front opening3
Long-sleeve T-shirt and Pants setsShort-sleeve T-shirt and Shorts/Pants sets5
Baby mittens/glovesBaby mittens – cotton2
SocksSocks – cotton10
Hats Cotton and WoolHats – cotton4
Snowsuit with gloves and socks for cold weather1
Sweater and/or Cardigan for cold weather2
Baby towelBaby towel1
Baby bibs – cotton for newbornBaby bibs – cotton for newborn5

Baby’s Bedding

Same rule for natural materials and cotton, bamboo and wool fabrics applies for your newborns bedding. Every piece of cloth that touches your baby’s skin must be made from natural materials in order to avoid allergies or skin irritation.

Newborn Baby Bedding WinterNewborn Baby Bedding Summer/SpringQuantity
Bedding set – sheet, pillow case, blanket caseBedding set – sheet, pillow case, blanket case3
Newborn Pillow 0+ months (optional)Newborn Pillow 0+ months (optional)1
Cotton Blanket and Bamboo BlanketCotton Blanket and Bamboo Blanket3
Merino Blanket/Wool Blanket2
Duvet with natural fillingDuvet with natural filling2
Winter Sleeping BagSummer Sleeping Bag2
Waterproof Crib Mattress PadWaterproof Crib Mattress Pad2
Set of Muslin Cloths/NappiesSet of Muslin Cloths/Nappies2
Set of Cotton Cloths/NappiesSet of Cotton Cloths/Nappies2
Set of Flannel Cloths/NappiesSet of Flannel Cloths/Nappies (Optional)2
Baby NestBaby Nest1
Changing MatChanging Mat1
Cotton Case for Changing MatCotton Case for Changing Mat2

Baby’s Cosmetics & Care

Golden rule for choosing the cosmetics for your baby: If it has a fragrance, it probably contains toxic ingredients. Look for harmful ingredients such as: PEG, TEA, DMDM hydantoin, quaternium-15, parabens, lanolin (unless organic), 1,4-dioxane, fragrance, coal tar colors, ammonia, propylene glycol, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, talc, perfume, dye, antibacterial chemicals, glycols, phenol, BHA/BHT. The list is of ingredients is quite long, however it is worth paying attention to it so you can protect your little angel from skin allergies and other complications that might occur.

Also, don’t rush on stacking products for a whole year in advance. The reason behind this is the fact that your baby, such as any other human being, will react to a certain product positively or negatively, hence – to avoid spending money on something you might later throw in the trash, buy less as a start and see how it goes as you might need to consider a different product later on!

Baby Cosmetics & Care WinterBaby Cosmetics & Care Summer/Spring
Body and Hair ShampooBody and Hair Shampoo
Body LotionBody Lotion
Massage Oil (Best for Winter) Massage Oil (Not Recommended during Summer)
Cold cream
Hair Comb & BrushHair Comb & Brush
Newborn Nail ScissorsNewborn Nail Scissors
Baby Cotton SwabsBaby Cotton Swabs
Disposable NappiesDisposable Nappies
Water WipesWater Wipes
Baby PowderBaby Powder
Medical CottonMedical Cotton
Nasal SolutionNasal Solution
Nasal AspiratorNasal Aspirator
Baby Tea with Dill or Anise for ColicBaby Tea with Dill or Anise for Colic
Body ThermometerBody Thermometer
Water ThermometerWater Thermometer
Room ThermometerRoom Thermometer

NB: It’s good to have medication for high temperature and strong colic from the very beginning, and it is best to consult with your paediatrician about this. 

Baby Cleaning Detergents

Washing baby’s clothes, bedding, toys and accessories with the right products is as important as choosing the correct cosmetics for your little angel.

Products to Consider in the BeginningProducts to Consider Later in Time
Baby Laundry DetergentDetergent for Toys and Accessories
Baby Soap for LaundryDetergent for Baby Stroller
Baby Bottle BrushesDetergent for Stains
Baby Dish DetergentDetergent for Floor Cleaning
Cold Water SteriliserOrganic bleach
Baby Liquid Hand Soap

My personal opinion is that refraining myself from any products containing fragrances in general improves the possibility of avoiding allergies. I consider omitting the fabric softener for all baby clothes, bedding, cloths, etc as an absolute necessity.

Baby’s Feeding Time

Things to consider – you might wish to breast-feed your baby and use no formula in addition, however have in mind that your breast-milk supply might not be enough for your little one and including formula will require sterilisation and bottles. Bottles can also be useful in case you wish to feed your baby with frozen breast-milk. If you have a lots of breast-milk, store it and keep it in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer for couple of weeks. This tactic is especially helpful if you by any chance need to take pills (for example if you get the flu, etc) that will most likely affect your breast-milk. That way you will still feed your baby with natural breast-milk (from your freezer supply) and you can peacefully take your pills without worrying for your little one.

Glass Bottle 150 ml2
Glass Bottle 250 ml2
Baby Silicone Nipples 0+5
Silicone Pacifiers2
Steriliser 2in11
Breast Pump1
Sterile Containers or Bags for Breast-milk StorageN/A

Baby’s Furniture and Stroller

There’s a whole bunch of products out there manufactured for babies. Look for certified products and safety tested products when it comes to the below-listed. You will be investing a solid amount of money, so pay attention to what you are paying for!

ProductThings to Consider:
Baby’s cribSize 140/70 will provide for longer usage. As for the materials, bamboo, or any natural wood is a great choice.
MattressFirm mattress is the most appropriate choice for babies. Pay great attention to the materials used for the mattress you will choose in order to avoid allergies.
Change-TableKeep in mind after 6 months the change-table might no longer be in use – most babies refuse to stay peacefully on it and you might find other easier ways to change your baby’s diaper.
Baby BathtubChoosing bathtub with siphon and a secure stand is basically all you need. Pay attention to the materials. If thermometer is included that’s an extra benefit in your favor.
Baby StrollerBaby’s stroller sets such as 2in1 or 3in1 are a great choice. Make sure it has been tested and meets all the requirements.
Baby Car seatBaby car seat is a very important product for your little angel. Make sure it has been tested and meets all the requirements. Consider investing for longer usage.
Baby SlingCompletely optional, but so useful. If you need to go out without the stroller, this will keep your hands completely free and you will have your baby with you at the same time. It is a product of a great use even at home.

Preparing a list of the things you will need for your newborn is practically the best way to avoid missing out on something that you might need later. It also helps with predicting the amount of money you will need to spend and that’s helpful for planning your finances.

Please, be aware that all the facts and discussions in this article are completely based on my personal opinion and my own experience and research. Hence, none of it should be considered as a general rule.

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