My Top 10 Tricks To Impress My New Colleagues At The New Job


We’ve all had this moment starting a new job and being ” cornered” and watched over by everyone in the office. It’s time to put an end of this misery and embrace the new work space, enjoying the meetings and finding “the perfect fit” of a colleague you would gossip around just in a few weeks time.

  1. Put your “shy minion” behind a locked door – Indeed do that! Every morning, when you  leave for work, make sure you restrain it and lock it behind. Being open for new acquaintances will help you get to know your new co-workers quicker and this can only be in your favour!
  2. Getting enough sleep will help you focus – Don’t you just hate it when you talk to someone and they pay no attention what so ever to anything you said? Of course, you do. It’s very important to be concentrated when you start a new job, not just for your tasks, but for your  colleagues too. Some of them will be curious to know you and if you’ve spent the night counting sheep or stars or whatever the heck you did, you will not pay enough attention to the people that are approaching you. Not to mention you might mess up with your tasks!
  3. Dress to impress – But don’t overdo it. Rule number one is to feel comfortable in your own skin… and clothes in this case. Choose the clothing you have always worn for work and be preppy and comfy at the same time. This is not the best time to completely change your style and replace the old clothes.
  4. Avoid additional changes – Any additional change in your life at this point might trigger an emotional distress, hence be cautious of any changes regardless if they are on purpose or not.
  5. The “positive attitude”accessory – That’s the best accessory you should be choosing every day before you leave for work. The more positive you are, the easier it will be. Positive vibes will attract the people around you as this proves you are open for conversation!
  6. Don’t rush into sharing your deepest secrets and opinions with anybody – It might feel great to finally meet the perfect colleague to be your best buddy at work, but don’t rush into sharing your skeletons in the closet straight away. Give yourself the time to get to know them. Going straight into caring and sharing with anybody might also push the person away as they might consider it as you going into their comfort zone (they might feel obliged to answer to your secret-sharing and hence this will be pushing them away).
  7. Share your snack – It might sound strange but, did it ever happen to you to have someone at work, chewing on a bag of chips and never sharing a single chip with anybody? Rude, right? People who are more keen to share their food can actually be considered more friendly-oriented, some say. So share the candy you keep in the drawer of your desk!
  8. Go out for drinks if invited – If you get to be invited to a night out with your co-workers, make sure to attend even for a short time. Rejecting the first invitation might lead to no invitation at all in the future.
  9. Organize a night out – If you have been around for a couple of weeks now, and you haven’t had an outside-of-the-office meeting with your colleagues, be brave and organize a night out, inviting the people you have had a decent contact with. This will help you develop a closer relationship with those who agree to attend.
  10. Don’t forget about your boss – your direct manager is your best way to feel more like home at the new work place. The quicker you get to know them, the better you will feel and the easier it will be for them to work with you, hence – it’s a win-win for both of you. In most companies, the people in charge aim to develop better relationships with the ones they manage in order to ease the work process – embrace the opportunity to get the best of this!

It’s never easy to leave the old job and go for a new one, with new people and a new boss, a new place… Even a new parking lot! The best tactic – stay positive, don’t give up easily and remember quitting is for… well, not you!

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