My Ideal Pregnancy Lifestyle & Nutrition


There are no rules of eating during pregnancy if you are at a normal weight. There should be no restrictions either. However, my theory is that you should be taking care of your body more than ever during pregnancy.

Please, note that I’m not a certified dietitian, nor am I a doctor of any kind, and all the conclusions made in this article are purely based on personal experience and are not meant to be taken as a general rule. Every person, especially during pregnancy, must consult any changes in their diet or exercise with their doctor before taking my advice into consideration.

  • Take your vitamin deficiencies very seriously. If you wish to build up your own diet based on your personal needs, with the intention to get your body as healthy as possible, pay great attention to your blood and urine tests done by your doctor, they will advice you best on what should you be focusing on eating.
  • Consider the weight you are at in the beginning of your pregnancy – If you are underweight, start living with the mindset and focus of gaining some extra few kilos for your own good – that means adding a bigger amount of extra calories. If you are at a normal weight, you might need to add a few calories only in order to keep a steady weight gain. In both scenarios, your doctor will help you figure out the best plan to keep you happy and healthy. If you are overweight, it is important to discuss this with your doctor, but as a personal choice, you  could cut out the sweets and junk food, they are not nutritious and do not bring any benefit to your baby anyway.
  • Keep moving – unless advised otherwise by your doctor, walking and brisk walking is in your best interest if you want an easier natural delivery of your baby. Just about anything involving moving around is beneficial.
  • Eat intuitively – eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. This doesn’t mean you should give in to your cravings, not at all. If you listen to your body and follow this simple rule, you might not have any cravings at all. It is quite possible that all your dreams of junk food are going to go down the drain simply because you have been intuitively satisfying your body with the necessary nutritiously dense food.
  • Don’t stress over a bar of chocolate – yes, every once in a while you will have your guilty pleasure food. In fact, you should have it. This will help you avoid binge on it or anything else later.
  • Don’t keep junk food on every counter top in the kitchen – the less you have, the less you will consume. Chips is not the brightest idea of food to stash around the kitchen. Keep fresh and dry fruit instead, meal prep your fresh fruit and put them in boxes in the fridge so they are available at all times for you to consume when you need to.
  • Shop smart – when you go to the supermarket, concentrate on buying more veggies and fruits and avoid going to the junk food area. The less contact you have with it, the less tempting it will be!
  • Meal prep your snack food to avoid unhealthy choices – that way you will have healthy food to snack on available at all times.

To sum it all up – there is no absolute philosophy on diet and exercise, and listening to your body is what might work most of the times. It’s best to discuss the options with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions that might restrict or exclude some foods. Always place the health of your baby and yourself above anything else – weight, diet, exercise, etc. The weight you gain during pregnancy is something you can change after your child is born and you should enjoy the time being pregnant – this is the most magical moment in a woman’s life!

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