Should you “talk like a boss, walk like a boss”?



“Talk like a boss, walk like a boss” behaviour. For some people, the time spent at work can be an absolute nightmare, almost like being back in high school with all the bullies around. It’s almost always connected to ones character and personality of how they are being accepted and/or treated by the people around them, at home or at work. This step to change the world’s opinion of yourself is entirely psychological. Generally speaking, in order to receive admiration, love, respect, etc, you must first demonstrate the aforementioned to the outside world.

  • Be confident and believe in yourself – every time you speak in front of others, use your voice as a weapon; talk as clear as possible, loud enough to be heard, but be careful not to turn it into simple shouting. Always keep an eye contact with your audience, this makes you, your confidence and your statements more believable.
  • Stand tall behind your words, regardless if they are your personal opinion or professional expertise – people hate liars, and if they catch you in one, they will hesitate to crucify them publicly, speak with facts to support your statements when discussing professional subjects; or speak your truth, if you have an opinion on a certain topic.
  • Fake it if you have to. If you feel insecure, make sure to keep it completely for yourself. Share your insecurities only with the closest people in your life. As for any lack of confidence at a new job or position – work hard and give it some time to adapt, be gentle to yourself!

The double bladed knife. It is possible to overdo it with the confidence thing and this is quite normal. Psychologically speaking, everyone loves attention, everyone loves to be admired and praised. This sometimes swallows a person way too deep into domination, which can cause a negative effect on your efforts to get along with your colleagues and gain their respect and instead you might end up to be considered arrogant and selfish.

Your first day in a new company. That’s the best day to demonstrate your confidence. Put on the best clothes you’ve got and your biggest smile and don’t forget to speak with devotion. Many might advise you to “stay low” during the first days, however, if you wish to grow personal and professional relationships, consider starting from day 1!

Your first day on a new position. Yes, this might be even harder than starting an entirely new job. Expect a doubt in every move you make the first days. Accept it and embrace it and do not let it get you out of focus and you will succeed. People will doubt your professional judgement in the beginning, that’s why you must be as focused and as concentrated as possible to avoid any mistakes. And even if you make a mistake, this, as mentioned above, is what will be expected of you, but don’t get discouraged, instead pick yourself up and move on to the next task!

Time is your best friend. Time and patience will help you grow and develop your skills. Give yourself the time to handle the change, enjoy the transition, work hard and let yourself grow!

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