Romantic Relationships at Work


Once upon a time having a romantic relationship with somebody at work was an unforgivable sinful deed. This belief has had a lot of people into the trouble of hiding their relationships for months until one of them finds a job elsewhere.


Employers’ tolerance towards work romance nowadays is gradually changing.

These days, unity and even friendship between colleagues is looked at with great importance by employers. Team behaviour and assistance are key factors for work to be done on time in most big corporations. As human beings, having a daily connection with our colleagues at work, we might get closer to one another than we intended in the first place. This used to be an issue in the close past, but today most of the employers are being as tolerant as possible due to couple of reasons. First, no employer wants to lose a great, skilful employee for any reason. Second, the trend of being a tolerant employer has placed most of the big employers into the position of demonstrating understanding towards their employees and being more open on discussing personal matters with them in order to find solution for every possible issue, rather than going to extreme measures.


The “keep your employees closer” method works wonders. 

Being a good leader nowadays includes handling all kinds of employees and all kinds of issues involving the people working for you. Being more interested in the lives of the ones working for you is basically a requirement now and this can only have a positive impact in your professional relationship. Having two employees being romantically involved must bring 2 questions in your mind:

  • Can they be professional by not mixing personal feelings with professional duties?
  • Can this be beneficial for the company and how?

It might look cynical at first, but the points are fair if you think about it. If the two people are great professionals that have no intention of mixing their personal feelings, arguments, etc, then you have nothing to be worried about. And yes, this can be very beneficial for the company, especially if the two people are competitive, this might get your projects that a lot earlier than the given deadline and you’d be pleasantly surprised by the results. However, you still must keep your eyes and ears around and do an “audit” every once in a while on how things are going.


Be the artisan of the conversation.

Discussing such matters makes it easier for you and the employee and their overall work process. For some people it is harder to talk about personal topics than others. As a leader, it is your professional responsibility to handle every person individually and with respect towards their personal space and values. To better the conversations specifically on personal matters with your employees, it might be of great help to have a word with psychologist or anyone professionally qualified that might advise you and help you handle such situations with great intelligence. Always be on top of the ones working for you, of course, in a positive way, being a part of their professional life means being familiar with more than just their professional side!

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