My Pregnancy Diary – 1st Trimester


Every pregnancy is different. Even for the same woman. Whoever said the first 3 months are the hardest did not lie! During this period I have been writing down highlights of how I feel and what helped me go through it, I hope this will be helpful to someone in need.

So here is my personal experience during my 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Nausea. Yes, my friends, about 80% of women experience nausea during the first trimester as a result of the hormonal changes in our bodies. I was not an exception, not even close! It was the worst during week 9 and 10 and got better during week 11 and in week 12 it was almost gone. I have done a lot of stuff throughout this period to help relieve my nausea, specifically listening to my body has helped me identify a lot of ways to feel better:

  • I have been very attracted to drinking cold lemon juice with loads of ice in the first weeks, maybe between week 4 and 6.
  • Eating pickles straight from the fridge during week 4 and 7.
  • Salty foods specifically crackers came along between week 5 and 7 as a great assistance to keep my nausea away.
  • Bread and grilled cheese on top – no other way to get breakfast in the morning.
  • Milk and diary products  – anything with milk and white cheese and yellow cheese was my favorite new addiction.
  • Ice and sorbet – I have managed to make my own raspberry sorbet and that was the only fruit I could stand during that time.

I have also found out that nausea was getting stronger even if you are tiny bit hungry and you haven’t even yet felt the hunger, but have already felt the nausea. Hence, I had to start eating small meals frequently throughout the day. Given the fact that I am a person who never enjoyed breakfast and the only thing I was happy to have in the morning was my cup of coffee and also I was intermittent fasting by having just 2 meals a day, a huge change in my diet has begun. Except for the nausea, I haven’t had any vomiting issues, considering the strong feeling of it.

Exhaustion. Oh, my God! If anyone have told me that there will be a point in my life I would feel so tired and exhausted I would almost feel like I am unable to even move my legs while lying in bed, I’d probably laugh at them so hard I’d almost choke. Exhaustion is absolutely real! And the only cure for it is rest. Listen to your body. If you feel like lying in bed – do it straight away! The cleaning can wait, cooking can wait, the world can wait, trust me! There is nothing more important than you right now! Eating frequent meals and snacking on whatever you can can also help put some energy in your body.

Sleepiness. Sleeping, anywhere, anytime. I have never felt so sleepy in my entire life. When I was still going to work, some days I was literally falling asleep on my desk. Sleepiness comes especially in the afternoon, so go ahead and take a nap! This can only make you feel better and give you the extra energy your body is craving!

Headaches. I have suffered a couple of days of headaches during my first trimester. I suspect that the first time I was having a headache was as a result of washing my hair and drying it with a hairdryer that was a bit hot. During pregnancy any hot temperatures must be avoided. You might want to consider taking it easy with washing your hair too frequently and drying it with a hairdryer.

Constipation. All the foods I was eating in the beginning of my pregnancy are not bad, but painfully lacking fibre. Hence, you have guessed right. With the lack of any fruits and veggies, I have found myself with a big constipation problem. To help myself, I started eating wholegrain bread only, oatmeal with chia seeds for breakfast, no pasta, no white flour in any form, and slowly incorporated dried prunes and raisins in my diet.

List of “disgusting” foods. I have never believed that there will be a day in my life in which I will despise sweets. Yet, in my early days of pregnancy I started avoiding sweet foods and was very much disgusted of even looking at anything with chocolate, heavy cream or caramel sauce. Oh and anything greasy, no more fast food, please!


Here’s the list of foods I couldn’t bear even looking at:

  • Anything sweet – chocolate, ice cream, caramel, heavy cream, sweets, cakes, waffles, just about anything sweet to be fair.
  • Anything greasy – fast food, fried foods, chips.
  • Snacks with artificial flavor – for example chips with sour cream or paprika.
  • Any vegetables and fruits – this was a strange one because I enjoy fruits and veggies and I have a gigantic habit of snacking on them all day long. During almost the whole 3 months of my first trimester I couldn’t stand them.


My strangest cravings:

  • Hot dogs – worsen my nausea.
  • Mustard – worsen my nausea.
  • Ketchup – worsen my nausea.
  • Sour jellies – worsen my nausea.
  • Pickles – also helped with the nausea


The bottom line. By the end of week 12, most of my food aversions have gone back to normal. Except for the sugar, I still hate sugar with some very small exceptions like very sour sweets. I do crave some greasiness in my meals, but I tend to avoid them as they are giving me heart burn – the new thing when you are getting close to the 2nd trimester.

To all the mommies-to-be reading this, have no fear, you will soon get your energy levels back and start enjoying again some of the foods you enjoyed before!

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