Recognition – More Precious than Money

Have you ever felt like you have given all your heart and soul into a project or an important task at work, but you haven’t received the recognition and appreciation you thought you deserve? We all have been there, at least once in our lives. It’s rather easy for a manager to miss out some of their employees’ success, hence the lack of appreciation could ruin the moment.

Why is recognition more precious than money?

Recognition is triggering one’s pride and feeling of achievement. This automatically boosts self-motivation and the desire to prove one’s self of being worthy of the praise.

So what about money? Money is important as we all need to pay our bills and take care for our families, however it is believed that the more intelligent a person is, the less important salary becomes, taken over by the values of praise and recognition at work.

When you need and seek recognition.

If you have worked for someone for too long, but never felt like you have done enough to impress them, don’t loose hope, keep moving!

Keep doing your magic. Keep improving. Keep learning. In fact, find the hardest of your tasks and master it to perfection. Recognition is already on its’ way if you have given your soul.

When you are expected to give recognition.

Managing a group of people is not easy task. You must be constantly in the loop of their performance and results. Praising them consistently will do wonders for both sides. You will get a more motivated person at work who will be ready to get you the results you need with no questions asked. But don’t forget that praise must only be given if it’s well deserved, otherwise you might give a round of applause to someone who has done nearly nothing for the company, while the person next to them has been working their soul off for weeks with no one noticing their effort.

The ratio Recognition:Money

It’s like being in love with someone who is constantly open to spend all of their time with you, to being in love with someone who is just bringing you gifts in a rush to continue with their day without you.

With the first, you will get the gifts anyway, but the time spent with your lover is precious and nothing can replace it.

With the second, you will get the gifts, but you will not be appreciated enough to get a quality time with your lover.

Hence, the relationship that is more likely to last, is the first. So is with the company and the employee – you stick to the place you feel recognized the most.

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