Easter is almost here!


Easter is almost here and it is going to be so colourful!

I personally prefer to boil and dye my eggs for Easter. This not only provides me with the opportunity to choose the eggs I’d like to use (Pasture-Raised grass-fed), but I can also choose the dye I’d use to dye them later on. If you are too busy, nowadays you can buy boiled and dyed eggs straight from the store with themed colours!

To dye colourful eggs, the trick I use is very simple – using a folded kitchen paper I add a few drops of each dye on it and then simply wrap the egg into it and let it sit for a while. I forgot to wear protective gloves the first time and ended up with a rainbow on my hands!

A good trick to make your dye stick to the eggs easier is to add a tablespoon of vinegar.

In case real eggs are not for you, if you have an allergic family member in the house, you can always swap them with chocolate eggs from the store – the kids will be unimaginably happy with your choice anyway!


Easter Cookies – never have I ever in my life skipped this part of the holiday! There is nothing better than cookies in general, but my grandma used to make thousands of cookies for Easter and they were so delicious!


Easter Bread. Delicious in every way. Most people buy it from local bakeries due to the fact that the recipes are not very simple to make and they are also time consuming. Variety of Easter Bread can be found nowadays – with dried fruits, with chocolate chips, with lemon or orange zest pieces inside. So many and all of them are simply delicious!


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