Counting calories – the best or the worst way to manage your weight?


Can calorie counting help you loose weight? 

If you’ve had issues with your weight, you have probably heard this from your doctor a thousand times – “Keep an eye on your calorie intake!”. But how does it work? Most of the foods that have their calories written on their package are processed foods you shouldn’t be eating in the first place if you want to stay healthy not just manage your weight. Calorie restriction is a “simple” math of consuming less than you burn. Hence – if your body requires a X amount of calories to maintain your current weight, you should lower that with a certain amount of calories in order to consume less than you burn. Or the healthier way to achieve the same results is to eat at your maintenance calories and begin working out daily in order to burn more than you consume. Generally, there are many applications and calculators that can help one estimate their maintenance calorie intake and how much to reduce the calories and stay healthy at the same time. Many doctors advise to stay on the safe side by speaking to a nutritionist or at least your personal G.P. To sum it all up – yes, you can definitely loose weight (or even gain weight, depending what’s your goal) by using the counting calories method.

Why calorie counting is considered to be dangerous?

It is considered that the calorie counting method is triggering obsessive thoughts especially in teenagers and young adults. Nowadays, there are many people suffering from eating disorders that are life-threatening and many specialists consider counting calories as a bad habit that can easily lead to an eating disorder. If you are a teenager or a young adult and you feel like you are obsessed with the subject of calories – you are constantly counting the calories of your food, you are counting the calories you burn, you purposely find a physical way to burn more calories – aka climbing the stairs at home for 30 minutes; doing as many push-ups, crunches, etc as you possibly can; going for a walk after dinner, which turns into sprinting – please, speak to your parents or relatives and seek medical attention.

Society can be cruel

At times you feel like you don’t fit in. You should consider this: weight is not everything as long as it doesn’t dangerously affect your health. If you are normal looking person with no health issues, you should be grateful and proud with yourself. With this being said, you should only aim to improve your health by changing your diet or start working out. Leave the calorie counting aside and be happy where you are as long as you are healthy! And for those, who are having health issues due to being underweight or overweight, seeking medical advice is the best option.

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