Main purposes of the website:


  • Articles focused on the topic of food and the subtopics related to food – recipes, nutrition, health and diet suggestions, etc. lily-banse-365344-unsplash


  • Articles focused on the topic of fitness and exercise. david-hofmann-652244-unsplash


  • Beauty & Fashion tips and tricks. stil-243522-unsplash


  • Crafts & DIY. kris-atomic-73934-unsplash


  • Pregnancy and Motherhood. eric-froehling-71131-unsplash


  • Work advice – tips and tricks on motivational letter, job interviews, first days with your new employer, etc.thought-catalog-214785-unsplash



Priorities of the website:

  1. Providing you with an up-to-date information.
  2. Every subject’s accuracy discussed in an article has been checked and verified before being published.
  3. Consider the articles as a general advice, not as a general rule.
  4. No fake news & no click-baits.



We value the opinion of our readers:

  1. We are happy to hear any suggestions for improvement.
  2. Topic suggestions for future articles are always welcome and will be taken into consideration.